International Services

AAA Cooper offers cross border service to Canada and Mexico, as well as ocean service to ports throughout the world. Our system ensures seamless service, complete control and single invoicing for your shipments from origin to destination.

We also offer services at all major ports in the southeast. We can design a solution for you that may include container drayage and cargo transloading that can lower your costs and eliminate hidden fees.



AAA Cooper Transportation delivery to dock operations

  • Port Services
    • Our port services provide important benefits to the port, the shipper and the customer. The basic concept is simple, AAA Cooper has service centers in or near all of the southern port cities. We can transload the goods from the container to our trailer or dock and promptly return the container to the port. The steamship lines have their containers back the same day; the customer pays no detention charges; and the cargo is secure at one of our modern facilities.

      Drayage - Containers are delivered to our Service Center and returned to the port by AAA Cooper or select drayage providers with the proper security clearance and thorough knowledge of port activities and policies.

      Transloading - Our staff and equipment unload the freight from the container and load it directly to a trailer for inland transportation. Conversely, freight can be unloaded from a trailer and loaded onto an ocean container for delivery to a port.

      Consolidation / Deconsolidation - LTL shipments are received at our Service Center and loaded onto a container for export when volume is sufficient. We can also unload an ocean container and split the loads into individual LTL shipments for delivery.

      Value Added Services -
      • Sort and segregate
      • Labeling
      • Palletizing
      • Wrapping
  • Port Services Locations
      • Charleston, SC (843) 764-3825
      • Gulfport, MS (251) 653 – 6183
      • Houston, TX (713) 300 – 3400
      • Jacksonville, FL (904) 355 – 4722
      • Miami, FL (305) 887 – 8811
      • Mobile, AL (251) 653 – 6183
      • New Orleans, LA (504) 831 – 2500
      • Palm Beach, FL (772) 429 – 2797
      • Port Everglades, FL (954) 978 – 0455
      • Savannah, GA (912) 966 – 2712
      • Tampa, FL (813) 899 – 1306
      • Wilimington, NC (910) 425 - 1411
  • Canada
    • AAA Cooper offers the ultimate in streamlined, customs-bonded freight service between the United States and Canada through our highly successful partnership with Manitoulin Transport. We are your one stop service for unsurpassed dependability, safety, state of the art equipment, facilities and systems, including EDI and PARS for fast, efficient and worry-free crossing at the border.

      Shipping Requirements:
  • Mexico
    • AAA Cooper offers LTL and truckload service to Mexico through strategic alliances with Mexican carriers. Your freight is routed to your customs broker at the border. After you freight is cleared, the broker will move the freight across the border and tender it to our partner carrier for delivery. You will receive one bill for both the U.S. and Mexico transportation charges. (Broker fees are separate).
      Shipping requirements:
      • Bill of Lading
      • Commercial Invoice
      • NAFTA Certificate of Origin is required on all shipments of U.S. or Canadian origin that are valued at $1200 USD or more.
      • A broker is required. Because procedures vary at different gateways into Mexico, we recommend that you consult your broker on all necessary documentation, procedures and duties for your shipment.
  • Puerto Rico
    • With our own equipment and personnel in San Juan, we have grown to be one of the top service providers on the island. We offer two sailings each week from the port of Jacksonville, Florida to give you the fastest transit times possible.

      Shipping requirements:
  • Caribbean and Latin America
    • AAA Cooper offers door to port services to all destinations in the Caribbean. (Door to door service is available to many destinations). Our fixed day departures and arrivals give you the fastest service possible.

      Shipping requirements: AAA Cooper is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission to transport international ocean shipments. FMC # 14714NF.
  • Hawaii
    • AAA Cooper offers door to door ocean service to the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii (Big Island). We have twice weekly sailings from the port of Long Beach, California featuring fast 4 day ocean transit to Honolulu.

  • Alaska
    • AAA Cooper offers door to door ocean service to the state of Alaska. We have twice weekly sailings from the port of Tacoma, Washington featuring 4 day ocean transit to Anchorage.

  • World Ports
    • Through strategic partnerships, AAA Cooper offers door to port service to all major ports in Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. You will receive one invoice for all transportation charges—inland, ocean and documentation.
      Shipping requirements:

      • Bill of Lading
      • Commercial Invoice
      • Written Authorization to Prepare the EEI form. Note the EEI must be on file 24 hours prior to loading cargo on the vessel.
      • Other documentation may be required based on country of destination. Please consult our International Services Department.

      AAA Cooper is licensed by the FMC to transport international ocean shipments. FMC # 14714NF.