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Copies: Copies of our rules tariff may be printed from this website or you can request a copy from your Account Manager.

Current Edition: This notice supersedes and negates any claimed oral or written contract, promise, representation, or understanding between the parties, except to the extent of any individual published exception to this tariff (in which a written copy would have been provided to the participant in such pricing program) or a written contract signed by an authorized representative of AAA Cooper Transportation. Only the Vice President, Pricing, or designate, is authorized by AAA Cooper Transportation to sign transportation contracts.

Disclaimer: Tariff information provided on AAA Cooper Transportation's web site is for informational purposes only. All shipments are subject to tariffs in effect on the date of shipment as lawfully filed with the appropriate governmental agency or as maintained at AAA Cooper Transportation's principal place of business in Dothan, AL as may be applicable. In the event of a conflict between a tariff as provided herein and the actual tariff on file with a governmental agency or maintained by AAA Cooper Transportation at their general office, such tariff on file or maintained at their general office, as may be appropriate, will prevail.

Release Value Liability: AAA Cooper Transportation's liability for any commodity which is subject to released value provisions in AAA Cooper Transportation's 190 tariff is limited pursuant to Item 570 as may be amended or renumbered from time to time.

Loss and Damage Liability: Except as otherwise limited, AAA COOPER TRANSPORTATION'S liability for loss or damage of a shipment subject to Actual Class, Exception Class or Freight of All Kinds (FAK) as published in STB NMF 100 series will not exceed twenty dollars ($20.00) per pound per package, subject to a maximum liability of one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) per shipment, whichever is lower. AAA COOPER TRANSPORTATIONS liability for loss or damage will be determined as provided in Item 570 of AACT 190 series Rules Tariff. Limited liability named above will apply unless the shipper, at time of shipment, has requested "Full Value Coverage" pursuant to Item 570 of AACT 190 Rules Tariff, as may be amended or renumbered from time to time.

NMFC Terms: All shipments tendered to AAA Cooper Transportation are subject to the terms and conditions of the National Motor Freight Classification ("NMFC") Uniform Domestic Bill of Lading as in effect the date of shipment.

Cargo Claim Filing: All cargo claims must be filed with AAA Cooper Transportation within nine (9) months of the date of delivery or within nine (9) months of a reasonable time for delivery if a complete loss.

Charges / Rates for Special Services
Effective July 29, 2015.
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1751 Kinsey Road Dothan, AL 36303-5877
(334) 793-2284 (Business)
Reversal of Freight Bill Reversal from Prepaid to Collect will not be accepted after shipment has been delivered $32.00$32.00360
C.O.D. Fee 7.5% of C.O.D. amount Maximum COD $20,000 $78.75none430
C.O.D. Add, Alter, or Drop $78.75$78.75430
Pickup or Delivery Service After Business Hours $113.55 per hour 6:00 PM through 6:00 AM $255.00none485
Excessive Length Shipments containing articles of 12 ft or greater are not subject to standard transit time 12' to <20' = $78.75
≥ 20' to <28' = $210.00
≥ 28' = $525.00
Extra Labor $291.00 for 3 hrs. or less, $121.25 per hr per extra man over 3 hrs $291.00none560
Full Value Coverage - Domestic $0.75 for each $100.00 of full value coverage. Full Value Coverage is equal to 110% of invoice value plus freight charges $40.00N/A570
Hazardous Materials $0.50 per cwt $19.50$95.50567
Collection Charge Any freight charges not paid within 60 days of bill date will be assessed a collection charge 35% of amountN/A210
Inside Pick Up or Delivery $6.40 per cwt. $89.25$787.50566
Lift Gate $5.40 per cwt. $84.00$341.25890
Marking or Tagging $2.10 per package per piece $27.50N/A580
Notify Fee Applies to Direct or Interline $16.00N/A647
Notify Detention $2.13 per cwt. per day $20.70 per day
$41.35 per shipment
$139.50 per day647-1
Restricted Access $3.15 per cwt. $44.60$350.00747
Pick up or Delivery Service Saturday, Sunday or Holiday $127.35 per man per hour $291.00none756
Protect from Freezing 20% of net freight charges $60.00$250.00790
Redelivery $9.20 per cwt. $89.25$945.00830
Residential Pick Up or Delivery $6.80 per cwt. $105.00$787.50753
Sorting and/or Segregating $1.10 per carton or piece or $1.90 per cwt. Whichever is greater. $55.10 850
Storage $2.13 per cwt. per day $20.70 per day
$41.35 per shipment
$139.50 per day910
Weight Verification Fee / Inspection Verification Fee See item for parameters regarding misstated Weight, inaccurate Class, or NMFC item on Inspection $17.50$17.50970
Limited Liability NEW Products All commodities rated actual, FAK, or exception class are subject to Limited Liability found in item 570 of the AACT 190 Rules Tariff. 570
Limited Liability USED Products All commodities which are used (other than new), reconditioned, refurbished, rebuilt, or remanufactured are subject to a value not to exceed $.10 per pound per package. 570
Additional rules apply. For a listing of Rates, Rules, Regulations, Charges for Accessorials, or other Service Center Services reference the AACT 190 Accessorial Charge / Rules Tariff or contact your sales representative.


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